हेल्पलाइन नंबर

Emergency Help
Police Fire Ambulance SSR PHQ Exchange
100 101 102,108 0755-2443655 0755-2501000
Women Help Line Number
Child Help Line Number
We Care For You
City Contact Number
Indore (0731) 2522111
Do's and Don'ts [For Servants and Rental Persons]
Do's Dont's
Rental Persons Name, Occupation, Service name and Address , Name of family members , age and telephone number should be informed to Police. With out this The landlord would be considered offensive under sec 188 IPC .
Always verify persons previous Address, Permanent Address and Native Address. Unknown persons should not be kept on rent .
Do's Dont's
Give Information to Police before Keeping a Servant. Unknown Person Should not be kept as Servant .
Always confirm Name ,Family members and marital status of Servant . ,Family members and marital status of Servant . Never keep a Servant of unknown Address .
Servants permanent and Native address should be verified Never allow friends and relatives of Servant to enter your House .
While traveling On Highways.....
For Police help on High ways Contact through the Telephone numbers of Police Station written on the boards along Roadside