Welfare Facility to Madhya Pradesh Police

नक्सली प्रभावित क्षेत्र में पदस्थ अधिकारी एवं कर्मचारियों का एस आई ए योजना के तहत बीमा कराने संबंधी आदेश

Better facilities have been provided to police personnel in the field of childcare, health and family planning. Presently, 73 police hospitals are functioning in different police units of the state, in addition to this; 30-bedded hospital has been constructed recently at reserve police

According to the normal program of periodical vaccinations and immunization, the police doctors all over the state are carrying out regular medical check up. In order to provide incentives to the families of police personnel, competition for healthy children are held in the units. Facilities of crèches have been provided at many places to the workingwomen. Six crèches have been set up in different welfare centers till now. These crèches take care of the children below five years of age. The crèches have been funded by the grant-in-aid provided by the central social welfare board.

50 children have been looked after in police welfare center crèches at Bhopal. A part time teacher and a governess have been engaged to educate them up to the nursery class.

Apart from above  SAF Units are running other Welfare Activities mentioned below :- 

1.Police Welfare Center

2.Entertainment Center


4.Police Mess

5.Milk Center

6.Grain Shop

7.Flour Mill.



10.General Stores Canteen

11.Petrol Pump

12.Wood Taal

13.Photo Machine

14.Childrens Park


16.Masala Center



19.Police I.T.I.

20.Hosiery Center

21.Police Hospital.

22.Education Institute.

23.police Housing corporation.


25.Soap Manufacturing Center

26.Vegetable Store

27.Film Project

28.Lemon Park

29.Gas Agency

30.Oil Dhani

31.S.T.D./ P.C.O.

As per the Modernization Plan for the year 2000-2001 in the 04 main cities of Madhya Pradesh -Bhopal , Indore, Gwalior and Jabalpur the Police Hospitals are equipped with advanced Medical facilities (like Sonography machine, Electrocardiography machine, Basic Anesthesia Machine   , Shadow Less Lamp ,O.T.Light Operation Table , Autoanaylizer ,and Sonography Printer e.t.c. ) from the non-government fund (Emergency Fund . By which the Policemen are treated  .From the Welfare fund a total of 15,530 Police officers/Workers are Helped and in 55 units help is provided separately.