Entry to Police Services

Entry to Police Services

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Rules of Recruitment

Method of Recruitment

For Subedar / Sub Inspector / Sub Inspector S.B / Radio / Finger Print / (Q.D.) / Photo and Platoon Commander

  • Recruitment to the service after the commencement of these rules shall be made by the following methods, namely:
    • By direct recruitment by selection, through competitive examination.
    • By promotion of such members of service, as are specified in column 2 of schedule IV.
    • By transfer of persons who hold in a substantive capacity such post in such service as may be specified in this behalf.


  • The number of persons recruited under clause (b) or clause (c) of sub-rule (I) shall not, at any time exceed the percentage mentioned in schedule II of number of posts specified in Schedule I.
  • Subject to the provisions of these rules, the method or methods for the purpose of filling any vacancy or vacancies in the service as may be required to be filled during any particular period of recruitment and the number of persons to be recruitment by each method, shall be determined on each occasion by the appointing authority.
  • Notwithstanding anything contained in sub-rule (1), if in the opinion of the Appointing authority the exigency of the service so require, he may, with the prior concurrence of the General Administration Department adopt such method of recruitment to the service other than those specified in the said sub-rule as it may, by order issued in these behalf prescribe.
  • Candidate desiring for recruitment should apply by submitting an application in the form prescribed by the government to the district superintendent of police concerned for competitive examination to be admitted in the selection procedure.
  • The candidate must specifically mention, in the application form for recruitment the name of the post for which he desires. The name of only such candidates who have specifically expressed their consent for recruitment to posts to the technical Sub-Inspector (Radio)/(Finger Print)/(Questioned Documents) and who posses qualification mentioned in schedule-III shall only be considered.
  • Female candidates shall be eligible for recruitment for all the posts except platoon commander.
  • Giving wrong information or hiding of any factual information in application form by the applicant shall be deemed to be a disqualification. On such act the candidate shall have no right of appointment or continue in service under the Government and his service shall be terminated forthwith by the appointing authority without giving any notice.


  • The procedure of selection by competitive examination under clause (a) of sub-rule (1) shall be as follows:
    • Measurement of physical standard: The physical test of the candidate shall be conducted according to the minimum qualification as specified in sub-rule (2) of rule 8.
    • Note:- In case of any dispute with regard to physical measurement, the decision of the Chief Medical Officer of the District shall be final.
    • Written examination: The duration of written examination, will be two hours, and to test the proficiency in Hindi and English shall be of hundred mark i.e. Hindi 70 marks, English 30 marks.
    • General Knowledge examination shall be of 100 marks and the duration of which will be 2 hours.
    • Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry examination shall be of 100 marks and the duration of which will be 2 hours. This examination shall be compulsory only for such candidates who have applied for recruitment for the post of Sub Inspector (Radio)/(Finger Print)/(QD) as specified in Schedule-III.
    • Note:- Written examination under sub clause (a) and (b) of clause (ii) is compulsory for all candidates. By adding the marks obtained in the examination of the first stage a separate merit list one for Subedar, Sub Inspector and Platoon Commander and another for Sub Inspector (Technical) shall be prepared in which the candidates numbering five times the number of vacant posts advertised shall be called for examination of second stage. Last candidate, on whom five-times-number is completed and all those candidates who obtained marks more than or equal to this candidate shall be admitted to the second stage Method of recruitment irrespective of the number exceeding the stipulated five times number.
    • Physical Proficiency Test:- This test is compulsory for all candidates. This test shall be of 100 marks and shall include following items: (a) Long Jump 20 Marks (b) High Jump 20 Marks (c) Shot Put 20 Marks (d) 100 meter race 20 Marks (e) 1500 meter race 20 Marks Details of statement of marks to be awarded in each event are specified in Schedule V
    • Interview:- Personal Interview shall be of 50 marks