Remember, Always Inform Police About Your Tenants.

Keep the complete Record of Your Tenants.

Know Who Your Neighbors Are.

Dial 100, In case of any Suspicious Activity .

Are you opening the door to a stranger?

Adopt these simply safety precautions to avoid untoward incident.

Do's Don'ts

Be alert and vigilant about strangers.

Don't open your doors to unidentified persons without verification.

All windows and doors should have strong iron grills. Use of chains latches is recommended. Care should be taken to make the spaces for air conditioners & coolers secure.

Stranger like balloon sellers,'kabaries', courier services employees, hawkers etc should not be allowed into the house.

Put a magic eye on the door, keep a pet dog, if possible.

Avoid carrying valuables and cash openly in public places.

Always keep the side door pad locked and main door bolted from inside.

Avoid display of jewellery and cash before domestic help and strangers.

Ascertain the identity and the particulars of the plumbers, electrician, postman, painters of building and household employed help.

Don't let your servant have access to almirah, safe and precious belongings.

Chowkidar should be provided with torch, a whistle and a lathi. He should also be advised to keep in touch with beat patrolling policeman of the nearest Police Station.

Don't talk about family / property affairs infront of servant / strangers.

Get your servants and attendants verified by the nearest Police Station.

Don't rent out or sell residential property, vehicles to ant strangers without verifying their particulars.

While going out, always put some light on.

Don't ignore any suspicious incident or person in the vicinity. Inform police about them.

Keep important telephone numbers handy.

Connect your house with neighbor's house with an alarm bell.

Inform your nearest Police Station, PCR Van, or Police Post when you notice suspicious persons near your house.

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