Gazetee order police

Sl. No. Title GOP Year Document
1 Instructions regarding recruitment of Assistant Sub-Inspector (Computer) for Rules and Procedures (Update) जी.ओ.पी. 137/2016 2016 GOP_137_Amendment ( Format: PDF, Size: 8.36MB, Language: Hindi )
2 SIB Deputation Rule 2015 जी.ओ.पी. 143/2015 2015 GOP_143 ( Format: PDF, Size: 1.78MB, Language: Hindi )
3 Amendment to the Direct Recruitment Rules of the Radio Police (Telecommunication) Raksha and Pradhan Nigam of the Madhya Pradesh Police Department (amendment in 137/2012) जी.ओ.पी. 142/2013 2013 GOP_142 ( Format: PDF, Size: 1.45MB, Language: Hindi )
4 Regarding the recruitment of guardian in the Madhya Pradesh police rule. जी.ओ.पी. 137/2012 2012 GOP-137_2012 ( Format: PDF, Size: 3.60MB, Language: Hindi )
5 From the Rakshak to the Chief Reserve and the Principal Rakshak Sub-Inspector Promotion Rule-2012 जी.ओ.पी. 138/2012 2012 GOP-138_2012 ( Format: PDF, Size: 3.43MB, Language: Hindi )
6 Selection rules for recruitment on the recruitment of sub-resident (retired) / expeditionist (stenographer) and direct recruitment-vacant posts under the Police Department of Madhya Pradesh Government. जी.ओ.पी. 139/2012 2012 GOP139_2012 ( Format: PDF, Size: 6.50MB, Language: Hindi )
7 Selection rules for the recruitment of Assistant Sub-Inspector (Scheduled) / Low Class Clerks under the Madhya Pradesh Police Department and for recruitment of vacant posts in direct recruitment जी.ओ.पी. 140/2012 2012 GOP-140_2012 ( Format: PDF, Size: 2.58MB, Language: Hindi )
8 Promotion rules and procedures of the company commander from the reserve जी.ओ.पी. 141/2012 2012 GOP-141-2012 ( Format: PDF, Size: 3.84KB, Language: Hindi )
9 M.P. Recruitment Rules in State Forensic Science Laboratory, Home Police Department जी.ओ.पी. 134/2011 2011 GOP-134_2011 ( Format: PDF, Size: 5.18MB, Language: Hindi )
10 Promotion rules and procedures up to the inspector (photo) from the reserve (photo) to the present. जी.ओ.पी. 135/2011 2011 GOP-135_2011 ( Format: PDF, Size: 1.95MB, Language: Hindi )