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Organizational Structure| Contact Information
Organizational Structure
Police telecom organization provides satisfactory and quick communication to maintain law and order of the state to take action against culprits, during VVIP visits, elections and natural disaster.
History of Police Telecommunication
Police Radio (Wireless) unit comes in existence from year 1945-46. At that time constable and head constable who were well versed in English and willing to work in this unit had been appointed in this unit. After the selection of these persons Wireless Training were imparted to them and brought them to Wireless Operator trade.

1st November 1956 at the time of formation of MP state, 16 distt. Of M.P, Madhya bharat, Vindhya state and Bhopal state were included for existence of M.P. For the communication facility to Police force, Radio unit established and it is headed by Shri N.C Ray Senior superintends of police (Radio). At that time total 58 Radio stations were established and disposal sets of Army were used. In the year 1972 Government of India permitted to open new Radio stations under police modernization scheme and provided some equipment for Anti Dacoity operation and state government also purchased equipment under procurement of allotted budget. Some force (man power) sanctioned under modernization scheme of Government of India and some force sanctioned for operation and maintenance purpose by the state Government also. Apart from this, for the maintenance of equipments requirement for technicians felt for this purpose. An aptitude test were conducted by the Police wireless organization for qualified persons from science higher secondary and interested in radio technician work and successful candidate were sent for training.

In view of the need of communication system for Anti Decoity operation and for strengthening of state communication system, trained Wireless constables were posted on additional Police stations for proper communication of Radio stations. Now as much as 171 wireless stations are in existence so far. In decade 1980’s upto Thana level Vhf Communication system had been established. At that time disposal Army sets BC-191 and Valve type set was in operation mainly BC-191 , BC-375 , Safi- 62 , HM -30 , MF-753 , GH- 650 ,GM-750 , LVS , GH-301 , Main Pack LVB -213 , LVM -208 , GV -650 etc . In decade 1980’s Teleprinter, AMSS, Solid state radio equipment, VHF lower band sets and repeaters equipped with modern feature, 100 watt wireless sets, ETP and exchange were used. HF sets were used as man pack sets and for maintaining secrecy cipher coding decoding system used.

Under latest technology, for more secrecy in messaging system scrambler sets and for safety purpose scanner sets were used. To make speedy and easy communication in place of at present running Teleprinter System now introduced computer based E-Mail system, Satellite based system

(Polnet) and for major cities Radio Trunking communication system and latest system are included step by step under modernization plan.

Organization of Telecommunication Branch
The police Telecommunication HQs. is situated at Bhopal, Addl. Director General of Police is the head of the Police Telecommunication Branch, assist the ADGP, IGP, DIG and SSP(R) are posted at state Police Telecommunication Head Quarters.

As per Re-organization in 1990 stabiles state of M.P. was divided in to six telecommunication zones Indore, Bhopal, Gwalior, Jabalpur Raipur and Bilaspur. Each zone is further divided in to two Telecommunication ranges. Jabalpur zone has three Ranges, the officer of the rank of SP, is posted at zones and DSP at range level. After formation a Chhattishgarh out of state of Madhya Pradesh only 04 Zones remains in M.P. The range are further diveded into the district Indore, Bhopal, Gwalior and Jabalpur remaining in Madhya Pradesh.

The Ranges are further divided into the Districts where the incharge of the radio branch is of the rank of Inspector/Sub Inspector.

Police Telecom organization imparts technician and operators basic course, P.P course grade course and advanced training to their staff at PRTS Indore, which has DIR (T/C) as head of office. This Institute imparts training for constable to inspector for their technical still up gradation.

Details of Sanctioned Posts
Rank  Sanction post  Rank  Sanction post 
ADGP (T/C)  1   ASI (R) Optr 143 
IGP (T/C)  1   ASI (R) Cpr. 34 
DIR (T/C)  1   ASI (M.T) 02 
DIG. (T/C)  1   HC(R) Tech 468 
SSP(R)  1   HC(R) Optr. 443 
SP (R)  4   HC (M.T) 06 
DSP (R)  21   HC (DR) 11 
I (R) Tech  44   HC (GD) 12 
I (R) Optr.  16   HC (T/M) 18 
I (R) Cpr.  4   C. (R) Optr. 785 
S.I (R) Tech.  4125   C. (M.T) 22 
S.I (R) Optr.  68   C. (DR) 13 
S.I (R) Cpr.  12   C. (GD) 62 
S.I (M.T.)  1   C. (TM) 73 
ASI (R) Tech.  153   Boy Const 18 
Total  2563
Trades in M.P. Police Telecommunication
OPERATOR – (Constable to Inspector) :
Operates HF & VHF Radio Sets, POLNET, E-mail, At The State, Zone, Range, District And Subdivision Hqs.
TECHNICIAN – (Head Constable to Inspector ) :
Maintain and Repair Radio Sets, Aerial Masts, EPABX, POLNET , Antennas And Battery Charging Etc.
CIPHER –( ASI to Inspector ):
Maintaining Safety & Security Of Coded And Decoded Messages and taking all necessary action related with Cipher Documents.
Communication Services Of M.P. Police Telecommunication
1. VHF Communication
All Distt. HQs are directly connected with all Police Officers Mobile Handheld / vehicle mobile sets, their Police stations, all Out Posts and all SAF posts on Voice Communication.
2. HF Communication

All Distt are directly connected with their Range HQ on HF communication and Range HQs are also connected with State HQ Bhopal.

3. Polnet

project is satellite based commn. System for police deptt. of India . It is commissioned by the DCPW Home deptt. of India under Modernization scheme . Voice ,Data ,Fax facilities are being provided under this polnet scheme . BEL Gaziabad which is a Semi Govt. deptt. of India has installed polnet . This polnet scheme is provided for 38 old Distts.and is also necessary for 12 new Distts.


All Distts are directly connected with their range HQs and Range HQ’s are connected with state HQ BPL on computer based message communication on HF/VHF frequency.


All Distts (Except Distt Dindori) are directly connected on Internet based E-mail message communication with state HQ Bhopal.

6. Radio Trunking System

To reduce congestion in VHF commn. Network Radio trunking system based on UHF is provided to big cities . In this system secular , smooth accurate and best commn. Is provided . At present Radio Trunking System is installed in following cities .Presently radio Trunking is working efficiently in Indore, Ujjain, Bhopal, Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh –

7. Automatic Call Distributor System (Dial -100)

Dial 100 facility is provided in big cities Indore, Bhopal and Gwalior to otain many information at the same time, automatic caller ID (phone No. of caller and time address etc is instantly available by this facility). In 2009-10 Modernization head provision is being done to provide Dial-100 to Jabalpur, Ujjain after receiving sanction

8. Existing Towers in Madhya Pradesh

Tower- 90 mtr-1, 70 mtr- 1, 45 mtr- 59, 30 mtr- 27, 25 mtr- 177, 20 mtr- 254

Total No of Towers- 519
Availability of Wireless sets in State
Type of sets  Available  BPR scale  Requirement  Deficiencyin % 
VHF static / Mobile  7962   10552  2590  25% 
VHF man pack  15446   19921  4475  22% 
HF sets  233   295  62  21% 
Trunking sets 20 watt  692   868  176  20% 
Trunking sets 2/5 watt  1977   4466  2491  56% 
Note:- 71% wireless sets available as per BPR scale and deficiency of 29% wireless sets will be provided in coming years.
M P Police Telecommunication Vision 1. ?
Commissioning Of Automatic Call Distribution Or Dial 100 System In Divisional Hqrs Like, Sagar, Rewa, Morena, Hoshangabad, Shahdole.

Commissioning Of Advance Radio Trunking System at Gwalior.

HF, VHF, EMAIL, POLNET of all Distts being added with integrated communication system.

To Establish a Integrated VHF Communication Network with avilable 4 communication means HF, VHF, E-Mail, Polnet on one computer Throughout The State.

Implementation Of POLNET System In All New District Headquarter And P.S.S In The State.

Commissioning of Solar Battery charge for remote area PS's & OP's.

Improvement In Training Standards and Level.

Re-appropriation of police radio personals all over the state to meet the current challenges of law and order.

Future Necessity
1) Use of solar energy -

Hundred percent rural PS/ Ops are not having sufficient power supply from MPEB to operate communication equipment hence solar battery charger are being provided for 350 rural PSs / Ops and 75 repeater stations. Remaining Pss and Ops will be provided solar battery chargers in next financial year.

2) Central emergency help No.-

To provide good law and order taking quick action against culprits a single telephone No is proposed as rail department (139) Voive logging facility is also avilable in this system.

Contact Information
Name  Rank  Ext.No.  STD Code  Phone  Fax No   Email 
Anvesh Manglam  ADG    0755  2443670  2443672  adg_telecom@mppolice.gov.in
 PCR Bhopal : (+91)-100, 0755-2555922