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JNPA Sagar
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Organizational Structure

The other sanctioned posts are:

DPO (Dist. Prosecution Officer )- 1

  • Lecturers U.G. - 1
  • Lecturers P.G.T. - 2
  • Scientific Officers - 3
is divided into outdoor and indoor headed by a DySPassisted by the two CDIs. The Administrative Wing is looked after by a DySP, assisted by the ministerial staff.
Brief History
Situated in the picturesque 350 year old lake side fort in Sagar town, Jawaharlal Nehru Police Academy has during the last hundred years built up great traditions in shaping an efficient police system through training. Being the oldest institution of its kind in Madhya Pradesh, the Academy, established initially as a Police School in 1906 and later on renamed as Police Training College in 1936, has not only been a training ground for Sub-Inspectors and Gazetted Officers of Madhya Pradesh Police, but over the years it has catered to the training needs of Central India and regions as far away as the former Kathiawar State.

Having been raised to the present status and re-christened after the first Prime Minister of India in 1986, The academy has taken constructive steps to instill in the trainees, professional competence in various aspects- physical, psychological, emotional, social, legal, technological, personal and spiritual.

Besides providing basic and in-service training to police officers ranging from Sub-Inspectors to Deputy Superintendents of Police to Indian Police Service Officers, the Academy has also been the training ground for Home Guards, Jail Officers, Excise and Transport Officials, Public Prosecutors and Deputy Collectors, and other Executive Magistrates. Keeping abreast of the changing times and in tune with technological advancement, the Academy has introduced modern teaching methodologies in its training regimen. Apart from this, the emphasis has also been to develop personality, emotional intelligence, requisite attitudes, character, leadership and to train intellect sufficiently, so that the trainees inculcate officer like and gentlemanly qualities where by they can easily handle situations ranging from law and order to dacoity problems and from cyber crimes to maoist menace.

The history of police training in Madhya Pradesh will not be complete without a brief mention of "Operation Narmada" organised in 1961. In April 1960, the then chief of the Madhya Pradesh Police, Mr. K.F. Rustamji directed that an expedition was to be organized from Amarkantak, the birth place of the Narmada upto village Kotwasni in Khargone District, where the river leaves the state. The object of this 700 mile trek among other things was to train and toughen the police force for difficult duties. The 44 day trek was concluded on 25-3-1961. This unprecedented achievement helped in developing the spirit of camaraderie between officers and men which is the very foundation of mutual trust and reliance in hard circumstances as well as in the stress and strain of prolonged campaigns.

And in the days to come, the Academy would attain even greater success and carry forward the high traditions of Madhya Pradesh Police and endear itself to the people by its excellent work


Training Courses :

  • The Academy conducts the Basic Training Courses for the directly recruited DySsP and the Sub Inspectors / Subedars.
  • The Academy also conducts Pre-Promotion Courses for Inspectors and Sub Inspectors.
  • The Academy also conducts various in-service courses on Dept. Enquiries, Human Rights, Personal Skills, Development, Investigation, Economic Offences, Vertical Interaction Stress management etc.
Infrastructure :
The Academy has a well equipped Library, Computer Lab, Conference Hall, Indoor Auditorium, Multimedia Projectors, Outdoor Sports facilities like Basket Ball, Volleyball, Hockey and Football and also a good Gymnasium. There is a fully furnished 50 room hostel for the Gazetted Officers and participants of in-service courses with a fully functional mess. Besides, there is a 70 room hostel with fully functional mess for Sub Inspector Probationers.
Achievements :
The Academy has got the unique distinction of having trained till date as many as 7319 Subedar / S.Is., comprising 304 women and 7015 men officers so far. A total of 575 Deputy Superintendents of Police, including 51 women have also passed through the portals of the Academy till date.
Course Calendar for 2008 is as following :-
No  Name of Course  Course Rank  Seats  Days  Jan  Feb  Mar  Apr  May  Jun  Jul  Aug  Sep  Oct  Nov  Dec 
1 Basic Trg for Recruit Constables
2 59th IPS R.R .Batch in JNPA attachment IPS (Pro.) 04 28 31-12-07 To 28-1-08
3 Departmental Enquiries Procedure Course. Inspector To S.P. 40 3 Passing out Parade of 84th Batch of Subedar / Sub-. -Inspector (Pro.) 8-10 13-5
4 Vertical Interaction Course ASI To Add. SP 40 3 5-7 17-19
5 Induction Course PP/AP Inspector/ RI To Dy. S. P. 40 45 6 19 23 18 30 17 31
6 P.P. Course Sub-Inspector To Inspector 40 21 6-26 8-26
7 Crime Related to women and children. Sub-Inspector 40 3 27-29 1-3
8 Human Rights Course Sub Inspector To Inspector 40 6 11-15 25-29
9 Investigation Course Sub-Inspector To Inspector 40 12 16-27 3-14
10 Economic Crime Investigation Sub-Inspector To Inspector 40 6 21-25 20-24
11 Personal Skills Dev. Course. G .Os. 40 5 10-14 18-22
12 Stress Management Course Sub-Inspector To Add.. S.P. 40 2 4-5 2-3 7-8
13 TOT Inspector to Add .S.P. 40 2 3-4 4-5 17-18
14 Refresher course Inspector to Dy. S. P. 40 2 21-22 2-3 14-15
15 Work shop on Inter agency coordination D.P. Os.,Magistrates/Police 40 2 4-5 3-4
16 Work shop on Cyber Crime Sub-Inspector to Dy. S. P. 40 2 12-13 22-23
17 Field Work shops To be organaised from time to time in Range head quarters as per local needs
S.NO.   Name  RANK  FROM  TO 
G.W.GAYER   SP  1-1-1906  27-3-09 
T.LATHAM   SP  28-3-09  14-12-11 
G.G.WRIGHT   SP  16-12-11  4-6-17 
A BROOK MEARES  SP  11-7-17  10-1-20 
A BROOK MEARES  SP  11-7-17  10-1-20 
A BROOK MEARES  SP  11-7-17  10-1-20 
J.H. McNEALE  SP  11-5-20  29-5-22 
B.C. TAYLER  SP  129-5-22  3-3-25 
T.M. COLLING  SP  3-3-25  14-4-28 
C.E.MIDDLETON STEWART  SP  15-4-28  10-3-30 
H.H. TAYLOR  SP  11-3-30  7-3-33 
10  C. F. PARRY  SP  08-03-33  09-03-36 
Office  Phone 
Main Office   22322  
Makronia Sub Inspector Hostel   07582-267776  
Contact Information
Name  Rank  Ext.No.  STD Code  Phone  Fax No   Email 
Rajesh Chawla  ADG    07582     
 PCR Bhopal : (+91)-100, 0755-2555922